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Syed Alve Ahad

A Digital Marketer, and Blogger with a passion for the online world. I’ve been active in this digital world since 2017, engaging in various fields of online marketing, SEO, and blogging. My journey in this field began out of a genuine love for spending time online.

About Me

Know Something More About Me !

Developing With a Passion While Exploring The World. Do Something For Mango People Also For Nation.

In my digital odyssey, I’ve honed my skills in several sectors:

Blogging: My starting into the digital landscape started with blogging, and I’ve continually evolved my craft in this arena. Also Search Arbitrage, Content Arbitrage, Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing (Ads Industry), SEO, Web Design etc.

I have a solid 6-year background in SEO and Blogging, which started as a blogger. Over the past few years, I’ve expanded my time and money into digital marketing, managing various advertising campaigns across platforms such as Taboola, RevContent, Facebook, TikTok, Outbrain and Mgid, among others.

Over the years, I’ve successfully driven billions of visitors to websites from Google and ads platforms.

My love for the internet and my commitment to research drive my work in the digital landscape. For valuable insights into blogging and online income generation, you can visit one of my website’s blog sections.  I’m a true #TechLover, dedicated to using technology to create high-quality content and enhance the online experience.

syed alve ahad

What Services I'm Providing & What I Do?

Some services what i’m providing and main sector what i do.

Advertising (Display/Native/Social)

Manage your ads and scale your business with 30-40% ROI. Also show your brand awareness and promotion online today.


If you are not doing SEO for you company or product than you miss lot of audience organically. It’s boost your service or product sell.  

Search Arbitrage

I’ve been involved in search arbitrage to test my ads skills and content ideas with the best optimised online strategies.

Video/Content Creation & Marketing

Content Creation is my creative superpower. I possess the ability to craft compelling and engaging content across various mediums.

Website Build & Design

Building your personal website or for your company. Easy to use, user friendly this is help you to explore your services. 

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Managing paid advertising campaigns on platforms like Google Ads, Bing Ads, or social media ads to drive traffic and conversions.

Working Process

First of all, contact with me and share your thoughts or which service and what you want. You can mail me here : hello@syedalveahad.com

What My Clients Says

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Everything was great and the job was quickly done.


I really recommend this seller very fast and helful.


Amazing seller with very quick delivery I would most definitely recommend him to anyone.


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